Consignment!  How to- and hints!

Consignment! How to- and hints!

Posted by Christine Ream- Guard Closet Consignment Manager on Jul 12th 2021

So, you've discovered a ton of "stuff"....

sitting around in your band/guard storage area... 

send it to Guard Closet..... 

and get some money back into your budget! does not buy items from you. We help you sell them by consigning them for you.

1. Download our contract here:  Guard Closet Contract  You'll need one contract for each SET of items.  

2. Clean Your Closet - Ship Us Your Stuff!  

3. Let Us Do the Work - We Help You Sell It! 

4. Get Money for Your Program - We Send Money Back to You!

  • The more information you provide with your item(s), the more quickly they can be added to the site and the higher the opportunity for sales. Give us same the information you’d want to see when considering a purchase.  When you fill out the contract entirely, you give us all the information we need.  
  • Uniforms sell much faster and for higher prices when sizes are included.  If you have a chart, with tag numbers and sizes, send us the .pdf!  
  • Do you have performance pictures of your items "in action"?  Send them to us, or direct us to your organization's website or social media to locate them.   
  • Send us your most recent stuff- the more current your items are, the better!  
  • Organize your items by sets - we do not accept items in sets with a quantity lower than 5. 
  • Save on shipping costs by reducing weight- discard any items with holes or stains before shipping.  We will not list them- our customers want only your best gear. 
  • Save on shipping costs by selecting the warehouse (Pennsylvania or Texas) closest to you-  if you're within reasonable driving distance, set up an appointment for an in person drop off.   

When someone buys your stuff, we handle the transaction and the shipment from our warehouses, and 

split the revenue with you: 

60% of the sale price goes right back to your organization!  

Have consignment questions? Contact Christine Ream: