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Color Guard Equipment Cup

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This personalized color guard equipment cup makes the perfect customizable gift for any guard performer, coach, or teammate!

Each cup features an array of equipment throughout the cup.
Personalize your cup to include flags, rifles, or sabres, or any combination of the three!
The color of the silk is also customizable.
If you would like to customize the color of the rifle and sabre please include the color you would like for the blade and hilt (sabre), as well as the color you would like for the rifle, strap, and bolt (rifle).
If you would like no traditional colored weapons please specify if you would like black or white bolts, straps, and hilts.
If you would like your name across the top of the back, please note the name and color you would like.

Personalize your cup with your performer’s name! Names will be placed horizontally on the back of the cup in black.

1) Type of equipment (flag, rifle, sabre)
2) Color of equipment (flag silk)
3) Color of rifle (NA if not applicable)
4) Color of sabre (NA if not applicable)
5) Name
6) Color of name (if not specified it will be black)

Please note- This reusable tumbler is hand wash only. Do not soak the cup for extended periods of time.
Due to the personalized nature of the product, the exact placement of the equipment may vary.