"Signs of the Zodiac" theme set- see more...

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"Signs of the Zodiac" theme set 5 different sets of flags Set 1: 12 flags, 35x55, poly china, good condition, white flags with multicolored end pieces, symbols are painted on in black Set 2: 12 flags, 43x65- identical to set 1, but larger Set 3: 15 flags, 72x107, poly china with mylar tape, good condition- white flags with blue letters- they spell: WHAT SIGN ARE YOU? Set 4: 8 flags, 63x95, poly china with mylar tape on both sides, good condition, navy blue flag (one does not have mylar tape) Set 5: 12 flags, 36x51, real china silk, excellent condition, hand painted signs of the Zodiac- each is a unique design MORE PICTURES AVAILABLE! ***- additional shipping charges may apply based on your location