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Terms and Policies


GUARDCLOSET.COM stores all consigned items and ships them when payment or school district purchase order is received. Items are consigned for a period of 18 months. No items can be returned to the school organization during the 18 months they are on consignment. Items can be returned to consignors after 18 months at their expense and upon request.

Consignment Split/Fees

The consignment split is 60% of the sale price to the school organization and 40% to GUARDCLOSET.COM.

The consignor can opt to receive 65% store credit toward the purchase of new gear.  

GUARDCLOSET.COM will not charge school organizations any fees for consignment. 

All items on consignment after 3 years become the property of When sold, the consignor receives no payment for said item. Items can be returned to consignors at their expense and upon request.


GUARDCLOSET.COM recognizes that there may be reservations buying used guard uniforms and equipment.

100% customer satisfaction is our goal.

If an item is unsuitable for any reason, you may contact us via email or telephone to arrange a return.


It is the buyers responsibility to return items within 5 business days of contact and shipping is at the expense of the buyer.  A 5% restocking fee may be assessed. 


GUARDCLOSET.COM assumes no responsibility for items in transit or in storage. Consignors understand that they place items for sale on the web site at their own risk and, Jeremy Williams and/or employees of shall not be held liable for damage of items due to, but not limited to, fire, flood, disappearance in transit or other acts of God. Insurance may be placed on any item in transit at the expense of the consignor or purchaser.

Payment & Taxes

Checks are made payable to GUARDCLOSET.COM for purchases. All items are sold "as is." All sets must be purchased in their entirety unless otherwise noted. (See Frequently Asked Questions for more info.) Items may be re-consigned after usage.

Checks will not, under any circumstances, be made payable to any individual. This eliminates an unscrupulous person from receiving payment on items that do not belong to them.

In Pennsylvania, GUARDCLOSET.COM accepts school organization (booster) checks with appropriate tax exemption documentation, or a School Purchase Order. No item will be shipped until payment or a school purchase order is received.

Outside of Pennsylvania, personal checks, Booster checks, Visa / Mastercard or School Purchase Orders may be used for sales outside of Pennsylvania. No item will be shipped until payment or a school purchase order is received. Please allow 10 business days for personal checks to clear.

For your purchase to be tax free, we must have your school or organization name on file.

All Sales are in US Dollars.


GUARDCLOSET.COM sets the prices of consignment items in an effort to maximize sales potential and consignor return.  GUARDCLOSET.COM reserves the exclusive right to sell items during the 18 month consignment period. The origin of any items will remain confidential and negotiations on price of said items will be handled exclusively by GUARDCLOSET.COM.