• Digital Design Studio- from Style Plus!

    The Digital Design Studio is a new product by Style Plus allowing anyone to become a designer. In this tutorial Alan goes over the main functions of the DDS.
  • Recruiting for Fall? Get a jump start!

    Let your current members recruit around the high school for you. I hung up flyers and gave information to my vets before clinics started. Some of this information was even announced at the beginning of their school day...
  • Marching Arts NOW!

    Marching Arts Education, in partnership with BOX5-TV and guardcloset, presents a weekly video program with highlights of last week’s performances and a look ahead to the coming week!
  • Preparing for Auditions

    Getting there early is helpful on a number of levels. First of all, you get to explore the place a little bit and get more comfortable with your surroundings before it starts. You can meet the instructors, judges...
  • Flags!

    Color Guard Flags on Consignment, Predesigned by guardcloset, and Custom Flag Design Services. Winter Guard Flags can Ship Today or Custom Print. Check out Our Roundtable Video to Learn More!