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1. Clean Your Closet - Ship Us Your Stuff

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How Does it Work? does not buy items from you.  We help you sell them by consigning them for you.

What Does Consignment Mean?

You ship us your items, and we photograph them, prep them, store them and list them on our website—making them available for sale to thousands of people who visit each month.  We determine competitive pricing to max out your sales potential.

When someone wants to buy them, we handle the transaction and the shipment from our warehouse, and then split the revenue with you: 60% of the sale price goes right back to your organization.  You can also choose 65% store credit toward the purchase of new gear.  

How Do We Ship our Stuff?

Read the Terms and Policies. Submitting the Consignment Information Form means that you have read and understand our Policies and Terms.

IMPORTANT!  If you are shipping using a FREIGHT CARRIER (not UPS/USPS/FedEx) you must contact IN ADVANCE to make arrangements.  

Box and ship your items to the following location:
1787 West Trindle Rd.
Unit #303 (Be sure to include this info!)
Carlisle, PA 17015
12835 Pond Springs Rd
Unit 509
Austin, TX 78729

Tips for Helping Your Items Sell

  • The more information you provide with your item(s), the faster they will be added to the site and the higher the opportunity for sales.  Give us same the information you’d want to see when considering a purchase.
  • Uniforms (especially homemade) sell much faster and for higher prices when sizes are included.
  • The time of year you send your items also affects when they will sell. The best time to ship your items is within 30 days of the end of marching band season and indoor season.

Have more questions?  Contact us or check our FAQs.

Notice of Liability

GUARDCLOSET.COM assumes no responsibility for items in transit or in storage. Consignors understand that they place items for sale on the web site at their own risk and, Jeremy Williams and/or employees of shall not be held liable for damage of items due to, but not limited to, fire, flood, disappearance in transit or other acts of God. Insurance may be placed on any item in transit at the expense of the consignor or purchaser.